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The 4 essential characteristics of a good music producer

As an aspiring or an established musician looking for a good music producer to work with, you must learn to think not just as an artiste but as a HR professional in order to select the best producer. You must remember that you are selecting from a large pool of producers therefore you must think like a HR professional interviewing a couple of candidates for a job. At the end of the day, the producer will be your employee meant to achieve agreed upon deliverables.

As you scout for a producer or producers to work with, here are the 4 essential characteristics of a good producer that you should look out for.

They must love music

When trying to identify a good producer, always look out for the one who is doing it out of love and passion for music and not for the money. The producer who loves music will be more focused on helping you produce the best project as opposed to wanting to find out whether or not you will be able to pay them for their service. You can easily tell this by their attitude as well as checking with artistes they have worked with before.

They must have the technical skill

It’s not just enough for a producer to love music, they must also have the technical skills necessary to operate all the studio equipment. This is also an extension of their passion for the job because it’s this passion that will drive them to learn everything there is to learn about the production process including operating studio equipment. In addition, their technical skills in the studio are an indication of their level of experience in music production.

They must be good at relationship building

A good producer is one who focuses on relationship building with their clients and not just one-time deals. This characteristic gives you a clear indication of whether the producer will care about your long term success or whether all they want is your money so that they can move on to the next client. The benefit of working with a producer who is good at relationship building is that they will be able to offer assistance beyond just recording because they have forged good relationships with other players in the industry such as DJs, radio presenters as well as event organizers.

They have their own unique identity

When looking for a producer to work with, it’s important to find on who has their own unique identity that is they don’t go with the trend, they transcend trends and produce music that is unique to them. This is the kind of producer who will help you produce music that will stand out and not just sound like everything else in the market.

The producer you choose to work with will hugely impact the quality of your final product therefore you should ensure you take very seriously the process of selecting a producer. If you take into consideration the above points, you can be guaranteed of a job well done.