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The top 5 music genres in the world

As a musician looking to get into a successful music career, it’s important to know your market especially if you intend on getting your music to be appreciated internationally. At the end of the day, just like any other product, it’s the market that determines demand and the smart choice is to produce what the industry demands.

We take a look at the top 5 music genres in the world. These are essentially the world’s most popular music genres among the fans.

#5 Blues

Blues have been around from the early 19th century and have managed to maintain their popularity among fans globally. These are songs that usually have plenty of melodyand will mainly target the listener’s emotions such as happiness or sadness. Many other genres of music have actually been influenced by blues.

#4 Classical music

Classical music is undoubtedly a genre that can be considered among the most complex owing to the fact that it’s mostly shaped by traditional and cultural forces in the environment it exists. Case in point, classical music is different in each country where it’s produced as it brings out the unique cultural heritage of that country. It’s through classical music that a country’s gloried past such as portraying heroic tales of kings and other heroes and heroines is told. It’s however important to note that this genre is on the verge of decline due to the influence of pop culture.

#3 Pop music

As the name suggests, pop which is short for popular is music genre that is predominant among young people. The pop craze started in the United States of America in the 1950’s and has been unstoppable since then. It has seen the production of songs that have gone on to become global hits. Pop usually focuses on portraying various aspects of life such as love, joys, pain and struggle, and the songs have catchy and danceable beats, with really good harmonies. It’s pop music that gave rise to Hip Hop and RnB.

#2 Rock music

Rock music is a genre that is believed to have originated in the United States of America in the 1950s from what was popularly referred to as rock and roll and it gained popularity among teenagers and young adults. Rock music is typically produced using electric guitars accompanied by drums.

#1 Jazz music

Jazz music is undoubtedly the most popular genre. This type of music originated in the United States of America among African Americans in the state of New Orleans. Jazz music is mainly a form of calm, smoothand melodic sound that is typically produced using instruments such as trumpets, flutes, violins, and drums, amongst others. Many other modern forms of music especially hip hop and RnB can trace their roots back to jazz.

As an aspiring musician, it’s important to learn all about these genres and how they influence the music industry before you decide on which music genre or genres you will focus on. You even have the freedom to come up with a whole new genre from mixing them up. All that matters is your ability to understand your audience and what they like to hear.