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5 essential qualities of a great music teacher

To be a good musician you must always focus on education on various aspects of music in order to broaden your field of expertise.  This does not only make you a better artist but also gives you alternative revenue options such as becoming a music teacher as a part time gig.

If you are ever thinking about becoming a music teacher as way of getting additional revenue as you build your music career, here are 5 essential qualities that you will need to focus on developing in order to be a great teacher.

A love for all music

As a musician you may have a preference for a specific genre of music but as a teacher you will need to learn to love all types of music. This is mainly because you will be teaching students with different music preferences therefore you must never let your personal biases affect the way you teach them. When you have a love for all music you will be able to be neutral.

You must be an excellent communicator

Just the same way you communicate through your music you will need to be an excellent communicator when imparting knowledge on your students. Your ability to teach concepts in an interesting and concise manner to enable your students easily grasp it will be heavily reliant on your ability to communicate with a level of excellence.

You must be a people person

As a music teacher you must be able to connect well with your students and this boils down to your people skills. Just in the same way you develop a strong connection with musical instruments as you play them is the exact same way you will need to forge a strong connection with your students. You need to be humorous, attentive, caring as well as devoted to your students.

You must challenge your students

As a music teacher, you must be committed to getting the best out of your students therefore you must challenge them enough so that they can dig deeper and push themselves to be the best they can. Never let your students settle for mediocrity because you as an artist would not want the same for yourself.

Always be ready to learn

A good teacher is as much a student as he/she is a teacher. The more you are willing to learn and improve yourself, the more you will be willing to push your students to also learn and improve. As a student yourself, you will also be able to put yourself in the shoes of your students and this will enable you understand them and their needs better.

Be sure to work on honing these qualities and you can be guaranteed not only to become a great music teacher but also a great musician.

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