About Us

a1 265x300 - About UsWelcome to Off Key the leading online music magazine that equips artists with the right knowledge and insights on the music industry, to help them market their music and their brands better. Our platform is a music encyclopedia of sorts as we make it a point to have a wide range of relevant content on all aspects of music. This is a magazine that will benefit both aspiring and seasoned musicians looking to broaden their music knowledge.

Off Key is your best bet if you are looking to build a successful music careeras we will ensure that you have relevant and insightful information that will aide in your career development.Through this platform, we want to be able to connect the artiste with music venues and festivals, event companies, music brands, publishers and labels, and most importantly the fans.

We look forward to playing our part in making you the best artist you can be.


Mohammad Herzog – founder, Off Key